SAT/ACT Updates

Updates on Standardized Testing

As juniors, this was the time most of us were planning on taking our SAT/ACT. However, many test dates are getting canceled and/or postponed due to the coronavirus. Given that there are many changes happening daily regarding these tests, make sure to check this page for all the latest updates before you start prepping for your next exam! Please remember that these dates are all subject to change, as nothing is can be guaranteed given our current situation with the coronavirus. All of our information is directly from the College Board and ACT websites.

Last updated: 9/1/20


  • Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has organized exclusive SAT test opportunities for LCPS seniors on September 23rd and October 27th. SAT tests will be offered on both days, but the essay will only be offered on October 27th.

  • LCPS will offer current juniors an opportunity to take the College Board's PSAT/NMQST test on October 14th and October 29th at each high school. No fee required and test administration will be capped at 250 students per site.  

  • LCPS will be hosting SAT tests on the following dates:

    • September 26 - Broad Run and Dominion High Schools

    • October 3 - Freedom, Independence and Woodgrove High Schools

    • November 7 - Dominion, John Champe, Potomac Falls and Tuscarora High Schools

    • December 5 - Independence, Loudoun County and Potomac Falls High Schools

    • March 13 - Briar Woods, Dominion, Independence, John Champe and Woodgrove High Schools

    • May 8 - Broad Run and John Champe High Schools

    • June 5 - Broad Run and Park View High Schools


New Test Day Information:

  • All students and staff to wear a mask or protective face covering during an SAT administration

  • Students must be seated at least six feet apart during testing

  • Students must confirm a series of statements (more below) prior to entering the test center or testing room

  • The CDC recommends taking additional precautions such as:

    • Requiring and/or providing gloves, hand sanitizer, or other PPE.

    • Posting signs in highly visible locations (e.g., school entrances, restrooms) that promote protective measures.

  • The testing staff at your test center will also administer a short survey before letting students into a test center to determine if a student should be sent home due to a sickness.

    • Testing staff will administer this survey verbally to all students, and deny entry to any student who doesn't confirm all the statements asked or refuses to answer them. 

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  • Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) will host ACT tests on the following dates:

    • September 12 - Broad Run High School

    • December 12 - Briar Woods, Dominion and John Champe High Schools

    • February 6 - Briar Woods, Dominion and John Champe High Schools

  • The ACT recently released new test dates. Along with the already existing dates, students may also choose to take it on September 19th, October 10, or October 17th. 

  • In late fall/early winter of 2020, ACT may provide an online test-at-home option for students if necessary

  • The ACT has sent all students who were unable to test in April, June, or July because of COVID-19 an email with more information and options. Some students might have automatically been registered for a later date and others will be given the chance to cancel their registration. 

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